Westin Kitchen Appliances

Experience culinary excellence with Westin Kitchen Appliances, a brand steeped in heritage and innovation. Founded in 1921 and still manufacturing cooker hoods in its original premises in the heart of Yorkshire, Westin has become a symbol of British craftsmanship.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook, Westin equips you with the tools you need for unparalleled cooking. Known for their powerful yet remarkably quiet extraction systems, Westin ensures a serene kitchen atmosphere, whatever culinary challenges you undertake. Utilising precision British engineering and advanced technology, each appliance is a testament to durability and outstanding performance. Choose Westin for a harmonious blend of form, function, and sustainability.

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The Home of Westin Appliances

Ceiling Hoods

Elevate your open-plan kitchen with Westin's ceiling hoods, meticulously designed to fit British ceilings. Positioned at the highest point, these hoods offer comprehensive room extraction, making your entire space as clear as it is unobstructed. Ideal for those who cherish openness, Westin's ceiling hoods are as efficient as they are unobtrusive.

Built-In Hoods

Westin's built-in hoods seamlessly integrate into cabinets, inglenooks, or mantels above the hob. Engineered for effective local extraction, these hoods act swiftly to remove fumes, offering rapid and focused ventilation. Trust in their precise design to enhance your cooking experience without dominating your kitchen's aesthetic.

Wall Mounted Hoods

For those seeking versatility in design, Westin's wall-mounted hoods offer a rich array of options—from traditional to ultra-modern aesthetics. Mounted above the hob, these hoods not only extract effectively but also serve as a stylish focal point in your kitchen, balancing form and function effortlessly.

Island Hoods

Transform your kitchen island into a statement piece with Westin's eye-catching island hoods. Engineered with unique styles, these hoods ensure that your island stands as the show-stopping feature of your kitchen. Experience the blend of design sophistication and performance with these iconic appliances.

Downdraft Hoods

For aficionados of minimalist design, Westin's downdraft hoods are the perfect fit. These worktop-level units rise gracefully alongside the hob when needed and retract discreetly when not in use. Offering efficient local extraction, these high-tech hoods exemplify Westin's commitment to form, function, and advanced technology.

Venting Hobs

Discover the innovation of Westin's venting hobs, the all-in-one cooking and extraction marvel. Perfect for modern kitchens, these hobs combine powerful cooking with immediate, built-in extraction, right where you need it. Efficient and stylish, Westin's venting hobs encapsulate the brand's commitment to top-notch performance and cutting-edge design, all in one sleek appliance.

Westin Authorised Retailer

Westin Kitchen Appliances are renowned for their innovation, performance, and design. These appliances offer a seamless blend of style and functionality, meeting the stringent demands of modern cooking. Available at RDO, a leading retailer in the UK, the Westin range includes high-performance hobs, ovens, and extraction systems.

With their cutting-edge technology, these appliances ensure efficient cooking, helping you save time and energy. Notably, Westin's cooker hoods offer exceptional performance with less noise, providing a comfortable kitchen atmosphere. Shopping at RDO guarantees excellent customer service and competitive pricing, making it the ideal destination for those seeking quality and value.

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