Neff Venting Hobs

Efficient Cooking, Effective Ventilation

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A brief overview of Neff Venting Hobs

Introducing a revolution in kitchen innovation, our range of venting
hobs offer the epitome of convenience and functionality. Forget the
clutter of a separate hob and extractor; these units seamlessly
integrate both.

Designed for modern kitchens that prioritise space and
style, venting hobs are your two-in-one solution for efficient cooking
and effective ventilation. The sleek design is not only aesthetically
pleasing but also highly functional, as it reduces odours and vapours
right at the source.

Made to suit a variety of cooking styles, these
hobs come with multiple zones and advanced features like touch controls,
timer settings, and variable extraction rates. Experience the future of
cooking with our cutting-edge venting hobs.