Elica Down Draft Extractors

Unseen performance, unseen beauty

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A brief overview of Elica Down Draft Extractors

Elica Down Draft Extractors represent a pinnacle of innovation in kitchen ventilation technology. These sophisticated systems are designed to be integrated into kitchen countertops, rising only when needed to expel smoke, steam, and odours.

Unlike traditional hoods that hang overhead, Elica Down Draft Extractors provide a sleek and unobtrusive solution, aligning perfectly with modern, minimalist kitchen designs. When activated, they silently emerge from the countertop, efficiently drawing air down and away from the cooking surface. Utilizing advanced filtering technology, they ensure that the air remains fresh and clean, contributing to a healthier cooking environment. Elica's attention to design, efficiency, and quality makes their Down Draft Extractors an excellent choice for those seeking a functional yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen accessory.

Whether for a professional chef or a home cooking enthusiast, these extractors offer a blend of performance and style that is hard to match.