Elica Cooker Hoods

The perfect way to remove cooking fumes and smells.

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Your guide to Elica Cooker Hoods

Elica Cooker Hoods epitomise style, functionality, and advanced technology. Established in Italy in the 1970s, Elica has earned a worldwide reputation for its groundbreaking innovations in the realm of kitchen ventilation solutions.

Elica Cooker Hoods are much more than just practical tools – they are a fusion of design and technology that transforms kitchens into unique, personalised spaces. The lineup boasts a wide variety of models, each tailored to meet a spectrum of needs and preferences, from the conventional to the ultra-modern. Whether it's wall-mounted, island, or built-in models, each cooker hood offers impressive extraction power, ensuring your kitchen remains free from smoke, fumes, and odours.

What sets Elica Cooker Hoods apart from the rest is their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. Many models are equipped with Elica's patented ECO mode, a feature that significantly reduces energy consumption while ensuring high performance. Additionally, Elica's noise reduction technology creates a peaceful kitchen environment, even when the cooker hoods are operating at full capacity.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into any kitchen aesthetic, Elica Cooker Hoods offer a diverse range of sizes, shapes, and finishes. The brand is dedicated to combining aesthetics with utility, resulting in kitchen appliances that elevate the culinary experience. Offering a harmonious blend of form and function, Elica Cooker Hoods truly represent the pinnacle of contemporary kitchen solutions.