Bosch Kitchen Appliances

At RDO we believe your kitchen is the heart of your home. That’s why we champion Bosch kitchen appliances, a brand boasting over 130 years of engineering prowess and innovation. Bosch promises not only supreme quality and reliability but also a commitment to environmental sustainability.

From sleek induction hobs to efficient dishwashers, each appliance embodies exceptional performance and durability. Backed by an extended 5-year warranty on selected models and a dedicated team of engineers, choosing Bosch means embracing ease and excellence in your culinary adventures.

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Bosch 5 Year Warranty

From:28/03/2023 To:31/03/2025

Enjoy 5 Warranty Via Registration on Selected Bosch Appliances

HomeConnect: Smart connectivity for an easier life

Bosch HomeConnect is here to make your daily life a breeze by bringing smart technology straight into your home appliances. Imagine being able to control your household gadgets with just a simple tap on your mobile or a voice command!

From getting your oven to preheat while you're still at the supermarket to starting your washing machine from the comfort of your sofa, HomeConnect makes it all possible. And it doesn't stop there – it even gives you bespoke tips and scrumptious recipe suggestions based on what's in your fridge, helping you embrace a greener lifestyle with ease.

Step into a world of simplicity and innovation with Bosch HomeConnect – where your home knows what you need, even before you do.


Discover the pinnacle of laundry solutions with Bosch. Our range of washing machines come with a plethora of advanced features, promising convenience and efficiency in one package. Don't forget to check out the tumble dryers, which offer precision in drying diverse fabric types without compromising on energy efficiency. For those tight on space, the washer dryers combine washing and drying functionalities without sacrificing quality, providing a one-stop solution for your laundry needs.


Bosch dishwashers are a pinnacle of reliability and durability, streamlining the task of cleaning up after meals. Whether you are considering freestanding or integrated models, Bosch offers an exquisite range to suit every home. You can choose from both full-size and slimline options, all promising quality at every level. From appliances that excel in basic functionality to those equipped with special features for delicate dishes or stubborn stains, Bosch guarantees excellence across the board. Plus, enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient models that are gentle on your bills and the environment.


When it comes to combining innovation with top-tier performance, Bosch refrigeration is second to none. Offering both freestanding and integrated options across the range, Bosch accommodates every style and space. These refrigerators are more than just cooling solutions; they are crafted to integrate seamlessly into the modern kitchen landscape, representing a harmony of form and function. Known for their energy efficiency, innovative technology, and premium design elements, Bosch refrigerators are the epitome of quality and elegance in kitchen appliances.


Transform your culinary journey with Bosch Built-in Ovens. These ovens, characterised by style and functionality, are designed to integrate seamlessly into your kitchen. Experience the innovative pyrolytic self-cleaning technology, energy efficiency, and a user-friendly interface that makes cooking a delightful experience.


Bosch offers a versatile range of durable hobs suitable for various culinary preferences. Their gas hobs combine the power of traditional cooking with modern aesthetics, while their induction and ceramic models offer easy-cleaning, efficiency and safety. For a cleaner and fresher kitchen environment, consider their venting hobs with integrated ventilation systems. Alternatively, the compact and adaptable domino hobs facilitate a customised kitchen setup, accommodating diverse cooking styles with ease. Whichever hob you decide on, you’ll be sure to benefit from a blend of innovation, longevity, and elegance.


Bosch extractors are a valuable addition to contemporary kitchens, combining both style and utility. From eye-catching angled hoods to sleek canopy hoods, these hoods keep your kitchen fresh and clean, removing odours, grease, and steam efficiently while offering quiet operation. Bosch guarantees a serene and pleasant cooking environment, merging superior technology with striking design to ensure a fresh and inviting culinary space.

Small Appliances

Renowned for their robust performance, innovative technology, and energy efficiency, Bosch small appliances are perfectly crafted to meet the diverse needs of a modern household. With products ranging from cordless vacuum cleaners to toasters, you’ll be sure to find an appliance which delivers top-notch functionality to meet your unique requirements.

Coffee Machines

Embrace the luxury of barista-level coffee at home with Bosch coffee machines. These machines, known for their contemporary built-in design and cutting-edge technology, offer programmable settings and smartphone connectivity, making home-brewed coffee a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Bosch Authorised Retailer

RDO have been working alongside Bosch for many decades and we’re proud to say we have one of the best Bosch displays in the UK at our Reigate showroom.

With more than 50 Bosch products on display at our Reigate showroom and 100s more in stock, please feel free to visit us, or give us a call, for some friendly, expert advice on Bosch appliances!

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