Bosch Freestanding Washing Machines

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Discover the world of freestanding Bosch washing machines, where renowned quality and innovation meet exceptional laundry care solutions. Bosch, a trusted brand in home appliances, presents a diverse range of washing machines designed to fulfil the needs of every consumer, from cosy apartments to large households. With capacities reaching up to 10kg, our range of freestanding Bosch washing machines provide the perfect fit for any lifestyle.

What sets Bosch washing machines apart is the incorporation of cutting-edge technology into these incredible value machines. Equipped with features like WiFi-connectivity and the popular EcoSilence Drive, which boasts a 10-year warranty, these machines offer quiet and efficient wash cycles.

One standout feature is i-DOS, an intelligent automatic dosing system that measures detergent to the nearest millimetre. By analysing fabric type, load volume, and degree of soiling, the washing machine optimises the detergent dosage for impeccable cleaning results while conserving detergent and water.

Need to add or remove clothing during a wash? No problem. The reload function allows you to pause the cycle and conveniently adjust the water level, giving you the freedom to open the door, add or remove items, and continue the wash effortlessly.

Bosch takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. A handful of Bosch washing machines even boast A-ratings for energy efficiency, reducing water and energy consumption without compromising on performance. This not only helps you save on utility bills, but also contributes to a greener planet.

Expect reliability, durability, and outstanding performance with Bosch freestanding washing machines. Built to last and backed by the brand's reputation for quality and dependability, these machines cater to a wide range of needs, offering both basic options and feature-packed models. Experience laundry care at its finest with Bosch.