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Bosch's built-in dishwashers are designed to be energy efficient, quiet, and long-lasting. At RDO, we offer a range of fully integrated and semi-integrated Bosch dishwashers.

A fully-integrated dishwasher seamlessly blends into your kitchen with an exterior panel that matches your kitchen's look. This means the appliance remains hidden, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into your space. Some built-in Bosch dishwashers even feature a Time Light that projects the remaining cycle time on the floor, giving you a quick way to know when the cycle is complete. The control panel is located on the top of the door and only becomes visible when the door is open or slightly ajar. Our selection of Bosch fully-integrated dishwashers comes in standard width (60cm)slimline (45cm), and extra-tall models.

The only distinction between a semi-integrated dishwasher and a fully-integrated one lies in the placement of the controls. On semi-integrated models, the controls are visible on the front of the machine whereas fully integrated models have the control panel hidden.

If you often struggle with dishes not drying thoroughly, particularly plastic items, consider exploring Bosch PerfectDry dishwashers. These models utilise energy-efficient Zeolith technology to ensure every load comes out not only clean but also perfectly dry. Zeolith, a naturally occurring mineral, captures humidity during the wash cycle and releases it as warm, dry air during the drying phase. This means your dishes will be ready to store in your cupboards right away, while also reducing your energy consumption.

Our WiFi-enabled Bosch dishwashers can be connected to the Home Connect app, offering exciting new dishwashing possibilities. For instance, the Onboarding feature guides you through the setup process of your new dishwasher. Programme Assist helps you choose the right dishwashing program for each load. And if you have Amazon Alexa, you can even control your dishwasher using voice commands.

Whether you prefer to wash your cutlery in a removable basket or on a flat upper cutlery tray, our range of built-in Bosch dishwashers comes in both versions (some even offer both options!), ensuring you can select the model that perfectly suits your needs.

Bosch built-in dishwashers come with a variety of programs to cater to your cleaning requirements. You can save water and electricity by using the longer eco-programme. The auto programme adjusts the water amount, temperature, and duration based on the level of soiling on your dishes. The intelligent programme allows for customised wash cycles. If you're in a hurry, the express programme is ideal, while the 1-hour programme provides a quick, complete wash and dry. To tackle tough, dried-on or burnt food, choose a dishwasher with the intensive programme. And for sparkling clean glassware after a party, opt for the glass/delicate programme.

To help you find the perfect built-in dishwasher for your kitchen and budget, Bosch offers different product series, ranging from Series 2 to Series 8. The most advanced built-in dishwashers can be found in the Series 8 category, while those seeking Bosch quality at a budget-friendly price can explore our Series 2 models.

No matter which Bosch dishwasher you select, you can expect exceptional durability and consistently sparkling results.