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Your guide to Bora Hood & Cooktop Sets

Experience a kitchen transformation like never before with Bora venting hobs, also known as cooktop extractors. Say goodbye to the traditional extractor hood and embrace a new era of kitchen ventilation. Bora's innovative design and advanced technology redefine the way cooking vapours and odours are managed in your kitchen.

Using the principles of fluid mechanics, Bora cooktop extractors efficiently draw cooking vapours away from your pots, pans, roasters, and grills right at the source. Instead of allowing them to rise and spread throughout the room, Bora captures and extracts them directly, ensuring a fresh and clean environment. No more worries about unpleasant odours lingering or greasy residues settling on your kitchen units and walls.

One of the remarkable features of Bora venting hobs is their integration into the cooktop itself. With the extractor built-in, you'll no longer have to deal with an obstructive hood at head height. Enjoy unobstructed views and a seamless kitchen design, whether you prefer wall units all around, cooking by the window, or a minimalist approach. Bora offers the freedom to design and plan your kitchen according to your unique requirements.

Not only do Bora venting hobs offer exceptional functionality, but they also prioritise your comfort. Thanks to their well-thought-out technology and installation in the kitchen plinth, these cooktop extractors operate quietly, ensuring a peaceful cooking experience without the loud noise often associated with traditional extractor hoods.

Maintaining a clean extractor has never been easier. Bora's cooktop extractors feature movable parts that can be easily taken out and popped into the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning. Enjoy the convenience of a sparkling clean extractor with minimal effort.

Bora's commitment to exceptional design has been recognised through numerous prestigious awards and they don't just offer venting hobs, they also manufacture powerful downdraft extractors which add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your overall kitchen design.

When it comes to choosing the right system, Bora offers two options: recirculation and exhaust air (ducted out). In the recirculation version, the air is efficiently cleaned and rid of odour molecules through a high-quality activated charcoal filter before being reintroduced into the room. On the other hand, the exhaust air version expels the air outside. The optimal choice for your kitchen depends on various factors, including structural conditions, allowing you to select the system that best suits your needs.

With both 60cm wide and 80cm wide venting hobs available, there's a Bora venting hob to suit any household. 

Step into the future of kitchen ventilation with Bora venting hobs and revolutionise the way you cook and experience your kitchen space. Discover the perfect blend of functionality, design, and flexibility with Bora's cooktop extractors and enjoy a fresh, clean, and aesthetically pleasing culinary environment like never before.