Bora Domino Hobs

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A brief overview of Bora Domino Hobs

Bora Domino hobs are a distinctive category of kitchen appliances
designed to offer modular versatility and cutting-edge technology in hob
cooking. These hobs stand out for their ability to be paired with other
appliances, allowing you to create a personalised cooking experience
tailored to your needs.

Bora's proprietary extraction technology ensures
efficient removal of odours and vapours directly at the cooking source,
thereby enhancing air quality in your kitchen. The premium build
quality, along with sleek design aesthetics, complements any modern

Bora Domino hobs feature touch controls, easy-to-clean
surfaces, and variable heat settings that offer unparalleled control,
making them an indispensable addition to any culinary space. Their
innovation lies not just in their functionality, but also in their
integration capabilities, making them ideal for those seeking a
harmonious and efficient kitchen environment.