Bora Kitchen Appliances

Bora appliances are the epitome of modern kitchen innovation. Designed to elevate your culinary experience, these appliances harmoniously merge functionality with aesthetic allure. Their sleek, minimalist design effortlessly integrates into any kitchen décor, offering a blend of visual elegance and top-tier performance. Built to exacting standards, Bora appliances set a new benchmark in kitchen functionality and design.

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We proudly offer Bora's exceptional range of hobs, including both domino and venting hobs. Whether you have a compact kitchen or seek a unified cooking and extraction solution, Bora hobs provide rapid heating and precise temperature control, all wrapped in a sleek design.


Step into the future with Bora's downdraft extractors. These cutting-edge units are discreetly integrated into your worktop, rising only when needed to efficiently eliminate odours and vapours. With Bora, you can enjoy a clutter-free kitchen without sacrificing performance.

Bora Ovens

Discover the epitome of culinary convenience with BORA ovens. Designed for those who seek simplicity without sacrificing functionality, Bora ovens offer professional-standard features like self-cleaning and automatic steam extraction for a consistently clear view and fresh air. Operate effortlessly from any angle using the generously sized touch display and achieve your desired cooking results with ease.

Bora Authorised Retailer

RDO is a renowned retailer in the UK that offers an impressive range of Bora kitchen appliances. Known for their innovation and quality, Bora systems revolutionise the cooking experience with their cutting-edge extractor hoods and cooktops. By opting for Bora's technology, one can achieve a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, perfect for modern kitchens.

RDO prides itself on providing excellent customer service, from knowledgeable staff who can guide you through your purchase, to efficient after-sales support. Whether you're seeking to upgrade your kitchen or embarking on a full renovation, RDO and Bora offer solutions that marry performance with sleek design.

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