Bosch Built In Non Frost Free Freezers

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Whether you’re storing a little or a lot, Bosch integrated freezers are filled with features to make storage more flexible and look after your frozen food. Designed to fit invisibly behind your own cabinet door, you can choose from undercounter and full height models, as well as the medium-size 87cm in-column model, designed to be installed on a shelf in a cabinet.

Flexible storage and easy access is another bonus. With features such as VarioZone flexible glass shelves and BigBox large drawer, you can utilise the space to accommodate large and small items. To quickly cool newly added items, the automatic super freezing function will freeze new items faster whilst protecting your already frozen items from defrosting, thanks to automatic detection of temperature increases. You don’t need to defrost often, but when you do, it won’t take as long with LowFrost. If you want to avoid defrosting, NoFrost models prevent frost build up entirely.

Whether you enjoy freezing your freshly prepared dishes for a rainy day, or stocking up on quick and convenient ready meals, Bosch freezers will get help get the best out of your food.

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F Bosch Built In Upright Freezer GUD15AFF0G - Fully Integrated
Bosch GUD15AFF0G Built In Upright Freezer - Fully Integrated
This built in freezer is very energy efficient, so it will help reduce energy bills.
Over 5 In Stock
2 Year Warranty
Freezer Capacity98 litres
Noise Level38 dB
Energy per annum184 kWh
DimensionsW: 598 mm x H: 820 mm x D: 548 mm
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Special Price!
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