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Freestanding Microwave Ovens

At RDO we have quality freestanding microwave ovens from both Bosch and Sharp. Some people also call these a ‘solo microwave’.

Since they are small in size, a freestanding microwave gives you the flexibility to position it where needed in your kitchen. However, if you are looking for fixed a permanently positioned built in microwave as part of your integrated kitchen, then our built in microwave section will be more appropriate for you.
A freestanding microwave oven will come in a variety of sizes and oven capacities. They are also available in a choice of different colours ranging from black or white, to silver or stainless steel.

With a freestanding microwave you will be able to perform all the standard functions you need for defrosting, cooking or reheating foods. If you would like a microwave with additional features you may wish to consider a freestanding microwave oven with grill or a freestanding combi microwave which adds grilling and convection oven cooking methods.

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