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Coffee makers are an integral part of many households and offices across the UK and globally, offering a convenient way to brew a fresh cup of coffee to start the day or recharge during a busy afternoon. While the principle behind making coffee remains consistent—hot water passing through ground coffee beans—there is an impressive variety of machines designed to do just that.

Traditional percolators and Moka pots have been largely replaced in many homes by automatic drip machines, pod-based systems, and sophisticated espresso makers. Each type of coffee maker caters to different preferences and needs. For instance, espresso machines are perfect for those who love a strong, concentrated cup, while automatic drip machines offer ease of use and consistency. Pod-based systems, like Nespresso and Tassimo, offer the ultimate in convenience but at the cost of producing extra waste and potentially limiting the choice of coffee.

In recent years, manual methods like French presses and pour-over devices have gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts seeking more control over the brewing process. Additionally, modern smart coffee makers, which can be programmed via smartphone apps, are making inroads into the market, offering unprecedented customisability.

Whatever your coffee needs or preferences, there's likely a coffee maker that fits the bill, from basic and functional models to elaborate machines that turn coffee brewing into an art form.

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