Microwave Oven Buying Guide: The Ultimate Guide for Your Perfect Pick

Struggling to make heads or tails of microwave ovens? Don't worry, we've got your back. This guide will navigate you through the maze of options, helping you find the one that best suits your needs.


Types of Microwaves

Standard Microwaves: These are your basic models, excellent for reheating leftovers, making popcorn, and other simple tasks.

Microwaves with Grill: If you're after something a bit more versatile, this type offers basic functionalities plus grilling features. Ideal for cooking meats like kebabs and tandoori chicken.

Combination Microwaves: The most versatile of the lot. They can microwave, grill, and even bake—thanks to their convection capabilities.


Installation Options

Freestanding: Easily movable and perfect for those who like flexibility in their kitchen layout.

Built-In: For a sleek, integrated look in fitted kitchens. Available in all types—standard, grill, and combination.


Size & Capacity

When it comes to picking a microwave, size does matter. For small families or those who primarily use the appliance for reheating and simple cooking, a model with a capacity around 20 litres should suffice. If your household is a bit larger or you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, consider a microwave with a capacity slightly over 20 litres. For larger families or those who love hosting, models offering over 30 litres provide ample space and multiple cooking functionalities. Remember to measure your available kitchen space to make sure your chosen model will fit seamlessly.


Power & Efficiency

Wattage typically ranges from 800W to 1000W. Higher wattage equals faster cooking, but be aware that they may also consume more electricity.


Look Out For...

Sensor Cooking: Automatically adjusts cooking time based on humidity levels inside the oven, preventing overcooking.

Defrosting: Most models come with a defrosting option, so you can get cooking without waiting for your food to thaw.

Pre-Set Programmes: For those who are unsure about cooking times, these programmes offer a convenient solution.

Easy-Clean Liners: Look for models with easy-clean linings like catalytic or pyrolytic liners, which are self-cleaning and maintain the appliance's interior.



Q: What is a convection microwave?
A: They use a fan to circulate heat, allowing for more cooking options like baking and roasting.

Q: What is a standard microwave?
A: These are standard, basic models for simple reheating and cooking tasks.

Q: What is a flatbed microwave?
A: These don't have a turntable, offering more room for larger dishes.

Q: Where can I buy a microwave?
A: Right here! Browse our range to find your ideal match.

Q: What's the smallest microwave you offer?
A: Our smallest models have a capacity of around 20 litres.