This beautiful Beckermann kitchen has been carefully crafted with the client's requirements in mind, combining elegance and functionality seamlessly.

Project Overview

Designed for a family environment, we opted for the Beckermann laminate collection in Sandbeige paired with a stunning Classic Quartz worktop. These materials were carefully chosen for their practicality partnered with style - not only are they super durable, but also very forgiving when it comes to fingerprints and scratches, making them ideal for active family life.

The Sandbeige units were made with stylish oversized doors that carry down to the floor, cleverly disguising the passage doorway with a utility area. The doorway operates on a saloon hinge so it can be opened both inwardly and outwardly, allowing members of the family to enter and exit with ease.

The back door lobby of this property has been intelligently transformed into a classy pantry area, using floating shelving to utilise as much wall space as possible. Pantries are a crucial component of any functional kitchen, allowing for easy access to everything you need while cooking and preparing meals.

Finally, the living room bookcase was made purposefully so the client has somewhere to store their book collection. Not only does it provide ample storage space for books and board games for the family, but it also adds a touch of personality and style to the home decor.


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Design Features

  • Beckermann Range: Tessina Classic Laminate Oak Terra
  • Beckermann Range: Siena Xtreme Laminate In Sand Beige
  • Worksurface: Classic Quartz Mario in 30mm
  • Pantry Area with Floating Shelving
  • Bookcase Unit
  • Hidden Passage Doorway
  • Black Glass Display Unit

Brands Used