Wolf ICBCSO30TE-S-TH Built In Steam Combi Oven - Stainless Steel
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Built In Steam Combi Oven - Stainless Steel

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5 Year Warranty
The E series Transitional Convection Steam Oven is a winner for fast, versatile and healthy cooking. You can steam vegetables so that they retain all their nutritional goodness, or use a convection mode so that you can cook multiple dishes at once without odour or flavour transfer. You can also sauté, boil and simmer, as on a cooktop. Wolf convection steam ovens’ large water reservoir means you can install them anywhere – no plumbing needed.
Product Code ICBCSO30TE-S-TH
ColourStainless Steel
Energy Rating A+
Electrical RequirementsHardwired (Cable Included)
Primary Oven Size50.9 litres
Integration TypeBuilt-In
Warranty5 Years
Weight36 kg
DimensionsW: 759mm x H: 454mm x D: 548mm
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Wolf Steam Oven Transitional E Series, Stainless Steel

Key Information

Oven Functions

  • 10 Cooking Modes
  • Steam
  • Reheat
  • Auto Steam Bake
  • Convection
  • Convection Humid
  • Convection Steam
  • Gourmet
  • Slow Roast
  • Recipes
  • Keep Warm

Oven Features

  • Temperature Probe
  • Multiple Pans And Rack Positions
  • Delayed Start
  • 2 Wire Oven Racks
  • 1 Solid Pan 451mm X 25mm X 281mm
  • 1 Perforated Pan 451mm X 25mm X 281mm
  • Interior Dimensions: 454 X 280 X 400 (Mm)
  • Door Clearance: 360mm

Technical Information

  • Heating Element: 2,200 Watt
  • Electrical Load: 16 Amp
  • Electrical Connection: 20 Amp
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1 Litres
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 V
Fast, versatile, healthy cooking — simply delicious. Choose the cooking option combining steam and convection that’s ideal for your dish. Steam vegetables to retain up to 22% more vitamins than convectional cooking, or use a convection mode to prepare multiple dishes at once without worrying about odour or flavour transfer.

Healthier and More Nutritious...Secrets of Steam Cooks have long appreciated the way steam cooking preserves nutrients and keeps foods moist. The Wolf convection steam oven makes steam do so much more.

Wolf steam convection does things you’ve never thought possible. Perfect, fluffy couscous without butter. A richly browned roast chicken that’s the juiciest you’ve ever tasted. Crusts that glisten without an egg wash.

Like several appliances in one...Guesswork? Gone.

Meals that used to require multiple appliances, and multiple pots and pans, can now be prepared beautifully with just one. The automatic modes and customised manual functions eliminate guesswork.

Pre-heating is extremely fast; your meal is ready that much quicker. There simply has never been a more versatile cooking instrument.

Wolf convection steam ovens’ large water reservoir means you can install them anywhere — no plumbing needed. The 762mm E series transitional convection steam oven is an ideal complement to Wolf’s transitional E series oven. Design elements such as handles and frames match, and both ovens may be installed flush with your cabinetry if you wish.

It’s one smart oven. For each food, the oven knows the best combination of steam and convection. It can actually sense the moisture content of the food and adjust for ideal results. When’s dinner? Select Slow Roast and tell the oven what time you want to serve the meal. It programs itself to finish at that moment. Hot, fresh, with meat properly rested - perfect.

“Impossible” new dishes. With Wolf’s precision control technology, the “impossible” becomes an everyday occurrence. Case in point: filo-wrapped ice cream. Hot, delicate, crispy-brown pastry surrounds ice cream still firmly frozen. Astonishing. And impossible for any other oven. Company for breakfast? Place a dozen eggs in the oven, carton and all. Press a button. In minutes, you have hard-boiled eggs for table or refrigerator.

The oven’s large water tank provides 90 minutes of continuous steam cooking. Thoughtfully designed, it can be refilled when needed without opening the oven door and interrupting the cooking process.

More than 25 percent larger than similar units, large enough to roast a 7kg turkey, Wolf’s steam oven lets you prepare larger items and even multiple dishes at once.

Install the unit flush with cabinetry to seamlessly integrate it into your kitchen design. And since the unit isn’t plumbed, it can be installed anywhere without requiring special water lines.

Precisely control heat, steam and airflow for the best results with any dish with 10 cooking modes: Steam, Reheat, Auto Steam Bake, Convection, Convection Humid, Convection Steam, Gourmet, Slow Roast, Recipes, and Keep Warm.

Steam mode heats with steam and hot air, achieving a temperature range from 29°C-99°C. From vegetables, poultry and fish to grains, beans, pasta and egg dishes, gentle steam heat is ideal for capturing nutrition,colour and flavour.

Reheat mode uses steam and hot air to rehydrate food gently. Using convection and the right amount of moisture, Reheat mode warms one to four pans of food evenly and without drying with a temperature range from 98°C to 148°C.

By heating with steam first, then using convection heat to finish, bagels, breads, buns, rolls and pastries acquire a tender interior and a natural shine without the need for brushing with an egg wash. Auto Steam Bake mode temperatures range from 98°C to 229°C.

A fan circulates hot air from a heating element at the back of the oven to distribute heat evenly around food for consistent results and browning. Convection mode temperatures range from 29°C to 229°C.

In Convection Humid mode, a heating element at the back of the oven produces heat and oven ventilation is sealed so that moisture produced during cooking remains in the oven. Convection Humid temperatures range from 29°C to 229°C.

Use Convection Steam for any foods you want to be tender inside and roasted or crisped outside. Convection steam mode temperatures range from 29°C to 229°C.

Gourmet mode uses a climate sensor to adjust time, temperature and humidity for ideal results with no guesswork.

Slow Roast mode is an ultimate convenience. Insert the probe into your prepared meat, select a slow roast setting for the dish you're preparing, tell the oven what time you want it done, and come home to a perfectly cooked meal.

Use Recipes mode and the collection of built-in recipes to harness the power of the oven's many different cooking modes to easily cook entire meals from appetisers and main courses to desserts.

The combination of convection and steam heat preserves food’s taste, texture, looks and quality so every bite is as delicious as if it were fresh from the oven. Keep multiple dinner plates warm at once, making staggered meal times more convenient.


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The Wolf ICBCSO30TE-S-TH comes with a 5 year warranty.


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