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Every fabric has its own needs for the best care. Fisher & Paykel laundry appliances are purposefully designed to deliver remarkable fabric care, regardless of the garment.

Every fabric is unique, composed of different weaves, structures, and strengths. It is these attributes that make certain garments cooler to wear, lock in warmth, or move and stretch for performance.

The best laundry appliances are those that not only provide an excellent clean, but also give options that help us to care for all fabrics and preserve the qualities that we love in our garments.

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B Fisher & Paykel Freestanding Washing Machine WH1260F2 - White
Fisher & Paykel WH1260F2 Freestanding Washing Machine - White
Save time, minimise noise and reduce water usage with this stylish Fisher & Paykel WH1260F2 washing machine, boasting an enormous 12kg wash load capacity.
5 Year Warranty
Spin Speed1400 rpm
Wash Load Capacity12 kg
DimensionsW: 600mm x H: 850mm x D: 665mm
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A Fisher & Paykel Freestanding Washing Machine WM1490P2 - White
Fisher & Paykel WM1490P2 Freestanding Washing Machine - White
With 13 different cycles and a large 9kg wash capacity, this Fisher & Paykel WM1490P2 is a perfect addition to any busy household.
5 Year Warranty
Spin Speed1400 rpm
Wash Load Capacity9 kg
DimensionsW: 600mm x H: 850mm x D: 645mm
FREE Delivery
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B Fisher & Paykel Freestanding Washing Machine WH1060S1 - White
Fisher & Paykel WH1060S1 Freestanding Washing Machine - White
Enjoy effortless washing with this Fisher & Paykel WH1060S1 Series 9 washing machine.
5 Year Warranty
Spin Speed1400 rpm
Wash Load Capacity10 kg
DimensionsW: 600mm x H: 850mm x D: 665mm
FREE Delivery
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Washing Machine Q & A

What Size Do I Need?

To select a suitably sized washing machine for your home, first you must consider your typical laundry requirements i.e. how many items will you be washing at any given moment?
To help determine this, please see the guide below!

Drum Size

T-Shirt Capacity

Duvet Capacity

Household Size

6kg 30 Single Single
7kg 35 Double Couple
8kg 40 Queen or Light King Small Family
9kg 45 Medium King Large Family
10kg 50 Heavy King Large Family
11kg 55 Heavy King Very Large Family
12kg 60 Heavy King Very Large Family

Does Spin Speed Matter?

In short, yes!
Washing machines with high spin speeds extract more water from your laundry, ensuring your clothes come out dryer at the end of each cycle. Higher spin speeds will likely mean slightly more energy is used, but this will be offset by shorter drying cycles.

How Long Should a Washing Machine Last?

The average lifespan for a washing machine is 11 years. This is quite impressive, and also means you are unlikely to need to replace it too frequently.

Some brands are even renowned for machines that will last as long as 20 years. Either way, a quality washer won’t be giving up on you any time soon.