Bosch Built In Non Frost Free Fridge Freezers

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When you want the best preservation of food fitted invisibly behind your own cabinet doors, Bosch integrated built in fridge freezers suit your kitchen space and the food you love to prepare.

Full-height at 177cm and designed to fit standard kitchen cabinets, you can choose different splits from 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50, giving you the flexibility to keep your food fresh and vibrant for longer according to your space requirements. Across the range, features like the VitaFresh zero degree drawer can keep food fresh for up to three times longer while the VarioZone and EasyAccess shelves and drawers provide great storage flexibility. On range-topping Series 8 models you’ll even find the latest technology like full touch controls and VitaFresh Plus which electronically regulates temperature at zero degrees to perfectly preserve your fresh fruit, vegetables and meats. The MultiBox fridge compartment is great for storing fruit and vegetables while freezer space isn’t an issue with the extra-tall BigBox drawer.

Manual defrosting won’t take as long with LowFrost but if you want to avoid defrosting altogether, NoFrost completely prevents frost build up and LED lighting keeps your fridge perfectly illuminated inside.

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