Zanussi Kitchen Appliances

Discover the world of Zanussi, where innovation meets everyday practicality. Our comprehensive range is designed with you in mind, offering cutting-edge technology that simplifies your life without compromising on performance or style. Whether you're looking for energy-efficient laundry solutions, versatile ovens, sleek hobs, or reliable dishwashers, we've got you covered.

Zanussi's commitment to quality shines through in every product, offering durability and ease of use that you can count on. Explore our range and find the perfect appliance that complements your kitchen and lifestyle.

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The Home of Zanussi Appliances


Zanussi's laundry appliances are a fusion of energy-efficiency and innovation. From high-capacity washing machines to versatile washer-dryer combos, Zanussi offers solutions that simplify your laundry routine. Quick wash cycles and sensor drying capabilities ensure quality performance without compromising on efficiency.


Zanussi dishwashers make cleaning up a breeze. Available in built-in, freestanding, and compact models, they offer energy-efficient and customisable wash cycles. User-friendly controls and durable construction make these dishwashers a reliable and long-lasting addition to any home.


Zanussi refrigerators excel in style, functionality, and energy-efficiency. Whether you need a compact fridge or a spacious fridge-freezer, Zanussi offers innovative features like fast-freeze functions and frost-free technology, ensuring your perishables stay fresh.


Zanussi built-in ovens combine energy-efficient performance with sleek design. Equipped with features like fan-assisted cooking and programmable timers, these ovens offer versatility and ease, enhancing your cooking experience while adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen.


Zanussi hobs blend innovative technology with user-friendly design. Available in gas, induction, and ceramic models, these hobs offer quick ignition, easy cleaning, and energy-efficient operation, making cooking both enjoyable and hassle-free.

Slot-In Cookers

Zanussi slot-in cookers offer convenience and functionality. Designed for easy installation, these cookers feature advanced fan technology and energy-efficient performance. Their sleek design seamlessly integrates with modern kitchen interiors.


Zanussi extractor hoods offer superior performance with a stylish aesthetic. Equipped with efficient extraction and filtration systems, these hoods eliminate odours and residue effectively. Features like LED lighting and noise reduction technology enhance your cooking environment.

Zanussi Authorised Retailer

Zanussi, a renowned Italian brand, has long been synonymous with high-quality and innovative kitchen appliances.

RDO proudly stocks a comprehensive range of Zanussi products, from sleek ovens to efficient washing machines. Known for durability and ease of use, Zanussi appliances blend seamlessly into any kitchen setting, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence. With energy-efficient designs that make the best use of technology, these appliances not only meet but often exceed expectations.

Shopping at RDO ensures you'll benefit from expert advice, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service, making it easier than ever to equip your kitchen with Zanussi's best.

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