Smeg Kitchen Appliances

Smeg, Italy's iconic brand, elevates modern kitchens with a splash of 1950s elegance. Marrying cutting-edge technology with vintage style, each appliance—from their renowned fridges to sleek ovens and hobs—showcases exceptional performance and craftsmanship. With a colourful and diverse range, Smeg makes your kitchen not just functional, but a true design statement.

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Current Smeg Promotions

Smeg's England Cashback promo

From:01/06/2024 To:31/07/2024

Claim £100 cashback plus £30 per England win at the men's 2024 euros, up to a limit of £310, when purchasing selected Smeg appliances. T&Cs apply, offer ends 31.07.2024. All claims must be submitted by 31.08.2024.

Smeg Victoria Free Hood

From:15/03/2024 To:16/06/2024

Receive a free Smeg Victoria hood when purchasing any 90cm, 100cm, 110cm Smeg Victoria Cooker. The Hood Will Be Added Once We Have Received Your Order.

Smeg 5 Year Warranty

From:15/03/2023 To:30/06/2024

Purchase Selected Smeg Products And Qualify For a Free 5-year, Fully Comprehensive Parts & Labour Warranty.


Embark on a laundry journey like no other with Smeg's extraordinary line-up of washing machines, washer dryers, and tumble dryers. Crafted with Italian flair and superior engineering, Smeg's laundry solutions are more than just functional; they're a statement of style. Built to deliver exceptional performance over the years, these appliances make laundry an elegant affair, effortlessly blending with the aesthetics of your contemporary home.


Experience the epitome of ease and sustainable living with a Smeg dishwasher. Known for their unparalleled craftsmanship and elegant design, Smeg dishwashers come with advanced cleaning capabilities and user-centric features. A wise investment for the long term, you can choose from an array of freestanding or integrated models, each designed to suit your household's unique requirements to perfection.


Dive into a realm of sophisticated cooling solutions with Smeg's refrigeration appliances. Whether you fancy the adaptability of a freestanding fridge or the unobtrusive charm of an integrated unit, Smeg delivers on both style and substance. Utilising energy-efficient technology and intuitive features, these cooling appliances become an aesthetic and functional cornerstone of any modern kitchen.


Indulge in culinary artistry with Smeg's ovens, a blend of Italian design and meticulous engineering. From basic models to luxurious variants, each oven is a testament to Smeg's dedication to quality, offering precise temperature regulation for consistently impeccable cooking results. Select models even boast cutting-edge self-cleaning capabilities, allowing you to revel in the joy of cooking whilst keeping maintenance to a minimum.


Smeg introduces a sophisticated range of high-end hobs tailored to meet the tastes of every home chef. Their gas hobs marry traditional cooking control with chic design, offering both power and elegance. If you lean towards the modern allure of induction or ceramic hobs, Smeg stands as a paragon of efficiency, cleanliness, and safety. For an elevated kitchen atmosphere, consider their venting hobs, complete with built-in ventilation systems, offering unmatched versatility.

Slot In Cookers

For those seeking a streamlined, all-in-one cooking solution, look no further than Smeg's slot-in cookers. Designed to effortlessly slide into any kitchen space, these cookers offer a blend of oven and hob functionality without compromising on style or performance. With an array of convenient features, from fan-assisted ovens to induction cooktops, Smeg's slot-in cookers are a prime example of Italian ingenuity, providing a seamless cooking experience that meets the demands of modern living.

Range Cookers

Step into a world of culinary excellence with Smeg's Range Cookers, a harmonious blend of Italian craftsmanship and innovative technology. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern chefs, these range cookers come in a variety of options, including induction, ceramic, and dual fuel models. With features like multiple cooking zones, spacious ovens, and optional extras like griddles and wok burners, Smeg's range cookers provide unparalleled versatility. They serve as the ultimate kitchen focal point, giving you the freedom to create anything from lavish feasts to everyday meals with ease and flair.


Smeg's extractors are a sublime addition to any modern kitchen, effortlessly marrying form and functionality. From innovative angled hoods to minimalist canopy designs, these extractors work with precision to create a clean and odour-free kitchen. Quiet yet highly effective, they are adept at eliminating grease, odours, and steam, making your cooking experience both serene and enjoyable.

Coffee Machines

Revolutionise your morning rituals with Smeg built-in coffee machines, where the trio of elegance, quality, and ease come together. Designed to cater to everyone—from the discerning coffee connoisseur to the casual latte enthusiast—these machines offer café-quality brews in the comfort of your own home. Smeg's commitment to exceptional performance and artisanal craftsmanship guarantees a coffee experience that is truly unparalleled.

Smeg Authorised Retailer

Renowned for exceptional quality and innovative design, Smeg offers a wide range of kitchen appliances to elevate your culinary experience. From the iconic 50s retro fridges to state-of-the-art ovens, Smeg combines Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

RDO ensures customers have access to an array of Smeg appliances that marry functionality with style, perfect for any modern kitchen. Visit RDO's showroom or browse online to find the perfect Smeg appliance that not only meets your cooking needs but also complements your kitchen decor. With RDO's expert advice and competitive pricing, acquiring a Smeg appliance has never been easier.

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