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Designed for installation neatly under an overhead unit or cabinet, Bosch canopy hoods fit discreetly and offer great extraction performance while making effective use of valuable space. Available in 53cm and 70cm widths, the stylish stainless steel finishes will complete your kitchen look.

For maximum performance, you can use ducting to extract odours to the outside (not supplied). If ducting isn’t practical then you can purchase an optional recirculation kit to filter the air before returning it into the room. Metal grease filters are fitted as standard and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Extraction rate and noise are two vital considerations for any hood and Bosch’s canopy range provide high extraction rates of 300m3/h to 600 m3/h in normal operation and noise levels of 56-70 decibels dependent on model. Bright white LED lights provide clear illumination for your cooking while the Intensive setting can provide an extra extraction boost when steam gets intense.

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D Bosch Canopy Hood DLN53AA70B - Metallic
Bosch DLN53AA70B Canopy Hood - Metallic
Designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen cabinetry, this Bosch canopy cooker hood is a brilliant addition to any kitchen.
RDO Best Buy
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate302 m3/h
Noise Level62 dB
Energy per annum66.7 kWh
DimensionsW: 534 mm x H: 208 mm x D: 300 mm
FREE Delivery
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C Bosch Canopy Hood DHL555BLGB - Metallic
Bosch DHL555BLGB Canopy Hood - Metallic
This fully integrated cooker hood will effectively clear cooking odours, vapours and grease from your kitchen air at a rate of up to 618m3 per hour, leaving it fresh and clean, while you focus on cooking.
1 In Stock
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate362 m3/h
Noise Level56 dB
Energy per annum79.8 kWh
DimensionsW: 530 mm x D: 380 mm
FREE Delivery
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C Bosch Canopy Hood DHL785CGB - Stainless Steel
Bosch DHL785CGB Canopy Hood - Stainless Steel
This integrated canopy cooker hood will ensure your kitchen air is fresh and clean, while you focus on cooking with the assistance of the bright LED lights.
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate630 m3/h
Noise Level66 dB
Energy per annum105.7 kWh
DimensionsW: 700 mm x H: 418 mm x D: 300 mm
FREE Delivery
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D Bosch Canopy Hood DHL555BGB-EX-DISPLAY - Metallic
Bosch DHL555BGB-EX-DISPLAY Canopy Hood - Metallic
1 In Stock
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate420 m3/h
Noise Level59 dB
Energy per annum111 kWh
DimensionsW: 530 mm x H: 255 mm x D: 380 mm
FREE Delivery
Special Ex-Display Price!
Was £219.00 | Save £174.00
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C Bosch Canopy Hood DHL575CGB - Stainless Steel
Bosch DHL575CGB Canopy Hood - Stainless Steel
Enjoy fresh, clean air while you cook, with this integrated stainless-steel canopy cooker hood, which features two energy-efficient LED lights.
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate560 m3/h
Noise Level67 dB
Energy per annum80.1 kWh
DimensionsW: 520 mm x H: 418 mm x D: 300 mm
FREE Delivery
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Canopy Cooker Hoods

A canopy hood is designed to be discreetly positioned for fitting inside your kitchen cabinets. Since they are built to be positioned out of sight they are often not the most stylishly type of hood, but being tucked away that does not matter so much!
They are however versatile enough to be used above either a range cooker or a hob. For cosmetic purpose you would normally select a hood that has the same width as the hob or range cooker below it.
Most of the canopy hoods featured here can be used for extracting the air out of your kitchen to an external outlet or for re-circulating cleaned air back in.
If you are recycling the hood will draw air in, clean it with the grease and charcoal filters and then expend the clean purified air back into your kitchen. This process is slightly less efficient then extracting the air out to an external source. You will need to replace charcoal filters around every six months (depending on use). Grease filters can often be washed in a dishwasher but follow the manufacturers guidelines.
If you are extracting the air out (or 'ducting out') it is normally recommended to use 150mm diameter rigid ducting. Also try to keep the number of bends to a minimum for an efficient air flow.
Most canopy hoods will have lighting to illuminate your food for you and some will also have an auto-off function if it is no longer needed.

At RDO we have a selection of quality canopy cooker hoods from many different manufacturers including Neff, Elica, Westin, Miele, Blanco, Mercury, Rangemaster, Fisher & Paykel, Siemens, Falmec, Bosch, AEG and Best.
If you need help selecting the correct canopy hood you can call into our main showroom in Reigate where one of our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you. Our showroom at Salfords has a selection of mainly ex-display items on show (when available). You can check the current models on display by using the filters on our website or you can call us. Both locations are within easy reach of East or West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and the M25.
You can see all canopy cooker hoods in stock or if you have a question you can get in touch with us here