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Kitchen Appliances Glossary

Absolute Black range - The Absolute Black range features a fusion of materials and textures such as cast iron and glass. The collection brings a refined touch to living spaces thanks to intense and deep black finishes, enhanced with De Dietrich copper. More
Accessory Supports - You can use these if you wish to leave an accessory (e.g. the universal pan) in the cooking compartment for cleaning by the self-cleaning function. More
Acoustic package for the lowest sound emissions - The casing and air circuitry on Miele heat-pump dryers ensure minimal airflow and vibration noise. This allows you to switch on your tumble dryer at any time without worrying about the noise being generated. More
Acoustic signal - Audible indicators are sounded by the appliance to notify you of key events. On some models there may be an option to turn the sounds off. More
Acoustic Surface Audio+ - Just like in a concert hall, sound comes at you from different directions with Acoustic Surface Audio+. Two actuators and two powerful subwoofers deliver multi-dimensional sound that immerses you in a whole new entertainment experience. More
Active AirClean filter - The combination of active charcoal filter and chitosan effectively prevents odours. The Active AirClean filter will usually need replacing every 12 months. More
Active AirClean Hood filter - Miele recirculation mode cooker hoods always require an Active AirClean filter in addition to the grease filter. This charcoal filter removes odours efficiently and long-term. More
Active Care - Hoover Active Care technology blends a perfect mix of water and detergent to guarantee the maximum care for your clothes - even at a 30°C temperature - and ensures a perfect washing performance. More
Active charcoal filter saturation indicator programmable - A red light lets you know when the active charcoal filter is saturated and needs replacing. More
Active Cooling - Active cooling ensures quick and even temperature distribution on all shelf levels throughout the interior. More
Active Drum - With ASKO’s active drum, the hourglass shaped removable lifters and the slanted drum, gently move the laundry to the drum centre to help reduce fabric wear. In addition, any dirt is removed via bigger holes at the edge. More
Active Humidification - Extra moisture is provided on the top crisper drawer of some Miele Fridge Freezers through the PerfectFresh Active system which sprays a fine mist onto the contents, preserving the quality of food and its vitamins. More
Active Ion System - Smeg's Active Ion System helps keep unpleasant smells away by neutralising bacteria and other impurities that create unwanted odours. More
Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) - Active Voice Amplifier adjusts the audio depending on what you’re watching. So you’ll feel as if you’re in the stadium, or hear the action from that movie closing in from all directions. And you’ll never miss what your favourite characters are saying – even over the hum of the vacuum – as the TV also adapts to the background noise in your room. More
ActiveAir Technology - ActiveAir Technology uses sensors to adjust the drying time according to the dryness of the load. The drum will maintain the right temperature to ensure all the clothes are thoroughly dried. High temperatures along with the precision ActiveAir sensor, guarantees dry clothes without damaging any fabrics. More
Activeheat Sensor - The ActiveHeat Sensor provides progressive power adjustment, so the hood always works just enough to clear cooking vapours at any given time. It features sensors that automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the room environment. More
ActiveIntelligence Technology - ActiveIntelligence™ technology features sensors that determine both the load size and soil level of your wash. Based upon this, it dispenses the right amount of detergent and also adjusts the wash time to give you perfect results. It is available on the Cotton, Heavy, Everyday, Delicate and Sports wash programmes. More
ActiveLight - ActiveLight projects a red LED light onto the floor beneath the dishwasher door when the appliance is in use. This makes it immediately obvious that the appliance is running by just glancing at the light on the floor. This way the door is not accidentally opened before the wash phase has finished. More
ActiveOxygen Technology - ActiveOxygen is a natural substance consisting of oxygen molecules which is produced inside the machine. ActiveOxygen option can be added to most washing programmes. When the wash cycle starts, a cold ActiveOxygen fog pretreats your laundry without any chemicals. At the end of the wash cycle, a second cold ActiveOxygen fog removes remaining germs from your load. In total, both treatments last 30 minutes in order to reliably remove up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs from your laundry. More
ActiveSmart Food Care - Fisher & Paykels unique ActiveSmart Food Care is like a living brain for your refrigeration appliance. It constantly monitors both the operating environment and the frequency of usage that your family undertakes, to maintain a perfectly controlled environment for food storage. As time goes by, it cleverly anticipates your daily usage times and adjust operating levels (temperature, airflow and humidity) in advance. By doing so it helps keep your food stored at an optimum level and fresher for longer. More
ActiveSteam Technology - ActiveSteam is the perfect steam solution for gentle drying and refreshing. Ideal for garments only worn once, that may not need washing but still have a few wrinkles or creases, ActiveSteam gently revitalises dry clothes you have already worn. Your laundry is free of odour particles, smells fresh, and is ready to wear again. More
Activewater Hydraulic Water System - The Activewater Hydraulic Water System maximises efficiency and ensures environmentally friendly rinsing, whilst still providing excellent cleaning results. Both water and energy consumption are saved through targeted water distribution thanks to many innovations. These include optimised filter technology, faster heating and high pump performance to increase the water circulation. More
Activewater Washing Technology - ActiveWater Technology consists of three components: the sensor-controlled continuous automatic load adjustment, the optimised water induction and the drum system. To avoid water wastage, the sensor adjusts the exact water consumption to the wash, based on the fabric type and quantity. The laundry is soaked faster and more evenly through the optimised water inflow which is particularly mild and gentle. Thanks to the drum and its droplet-shaped structure and paddles, the water gets distributed more evenly and faster. ActiveWater washing machines make a significant contribution to efficient water management in your home. More
Adaptable For LPG - This model can be used with LPG bottled gas. Not all manufacturers include the accessories required as standard, so please check the product listing or get in touch for confirmation. More
Adaptive Picture - Relax as your TV adapts to your environment and automatically adjusts its brightness settings to give you the very best picture, day or night. More
Add a Minute - Extend the cooking time by a minute, at the press of a button. More
Add another pan feature - You can put your pan on the required zone and press the control panel, for the hob to detect the new cookware’s location. A copper-coloured number appears in the chosen zone and you can then set the power level. If you do not select a power level, the cooking zone will automatically shut off after a few seconds. More
Additional Grill Function - The grill function is for use with the optional grill or griddle accessories, allowing you to achieve functionality of the grill from the main control panel. More
Additional Heating Ring - The additional heating ring in the oven ensure your dishes are all evenly cooked from corner to corner. This is the case even when fully loaded on up to three levels. More
Addwash - Addwash allows you to add garments to your load after the program has started. Always handy if you missed something out than needs washing. More
Adjustable door handle position - The appliance door allows for four different positions for the handle to be placed. More
Adjustable Feet - You can adjust the feet height to ensure it is levelled correctly. More
Adjustable humidity crispers - The adjustable humidity drawer provides the ideal storage environment for fruits and vegetables, preserving them for longer. More
Adjustable Racking height - Flexible racking allows you to customise internal shelves to suit your needs. More
Adjustable self-dosing (i-DOS) detergent and softener levels - This washing machine has an intelligent self-dosing system for liquid detergent and fabric softener. The washing machine doses your detergent and fabric softener automatically in most programmes. However, you can change the settings for the strength of automatic detergent and fabric softener dosage before the programme starts, to high, medium or low - according to the soiling or staining of your load. More
Adjustable Telescopic Chimney - To make installation easier the height of the hood can adjusted. More
Adjustment of the displayed washing time - Advanced technology allows the appliance to sense the amount of laundry and add the required amount of water during the washing process. Depending on the washing load, washing time can be longer or shorter and the time displayed will be adjusted accordingly. Moreover, displayed washing time may change due to differences in inlet water temperature. With low inlet water temperatures the washing time can be longer; at higher temperatures it can be shorter. More
AEG 6000 Series - The AEG 6000 series feature a range of useful technologies at an attractive price point. These include time and energy efficient features designed to look after your clothes. More
AEG 8000 Series - The AEG 8000 series offers the greatest capacity in the AEG laundry range holding up to 9kg with ease. They are feature rich, stylish and built to care for your clothes. More
AEG Absolutecare System - AEG's AbsoluteCare system provides the best care to every type of fabric It carefully monitor the movement and temperature of the drum to ensure optimum drying performance. For example, woollens are kept flat against the drum whilst drying to replicate flat drying. This means each delicate fibre retains their shape and will help to reduce wrinkles. Waterproofs will retain the full functionality of their waterproof membrane. More
AEG Design Line - The AEG Design Line range features sleek, contemporary designs to lift the overall design of your kitchen. More
AEG Heat Pump technology - AEG Heat Pump technology allows you to dry your clothes at low temperatures in a gentle and exceedly energy efficient way. More
AEG Hob-2-Hood - AEG's Hob2Hood function automatically turns on an AEG compatible hood when you start using the hob. The cooker hood will adjust itself according to the cooking levels on the induction hob. More
AEG LCD touch Controls - With AEG's Touch Controls you can take full control on the storage conditions of your food. The easy to use controls react to the slightest touch, to give you full control over the temperature and functions. More
AEG SensiDry Technology - AEG's SensiDry Technology dries clothes at almost halt the temperature of conventional tumble dryers. This helps to reduce potential damage and ware, whilst maintaining the texture of your fabrics. The dryer features precise sensors to monitor the drying cycle to ensure your clothes are never subject to excess heat. This means your garments should last longer. More
AEG Sensor Drying - The electronics in this AEG dryer measure the humidity in the fabrics and end the drying when the remaining humidity is in line with the selected level. It automatically selects the appropriate drying time for this level, meaning no more guesswork or wasted energy usage. More
AEG SoftGrip - The SoftGrip rubber clamps gently holds each glass stem in place, keeping it safe and secure by preventing it from slipping whilst being washed. More
AEG Softspikes - The Softspikes provide extra support for glassware including champagne flutes. More
AEG Stop And Go - The AEG Stop&Go function reduces all zones in operation to a keep warm setting. All other functions on the hob are locked when in use until deactivated. More
Aga Traditional Hood - The AGA Traditional Hood is the perfect partner to the AGA Masterchef Deluxe range cooker. This technologically advanced hood will efficiently whisk away cooking smells and fumes, leaving the kitchen pleasant and enjoyable to cook in. More
AI Room Calibration - AI Room Calibration is an automatic sound tuning technology that compensates for the environment the Sound Bar is placed within, by using Algorithms that improve the Sound Bar's sonic performance. More
Air cooling system - The air cooling system ensures safe surface temperatures. More
Air extraction - A hood used to extract or duct air away from the kitchen does so by drawing air into the hood with a motor. The captured air, which will include fumes, heat, odours and condensation, is passed along ducting pipes to an external source away from your kitchen and expelled into the fresh air. More
AirClean catalyser - With the AirClean catalyser grease and odours are removed from any emerging steam. This prevents any grease deposits from forming on your furniture, walls and curtains. Cooking odours are also significantly reduced. The catalyser can be activated and deactivated as desired (depending on model). More
Airdry technology - Airdry technology maximises drying performance thanks to natural airflow. When the programme cycle is in its last stage and the dishes are done, the dishwasher door automatically opens up 10 cm. This allows your dishes to dry naturally while also reducing your energy consumption. More
Airing Programme - You can use the Airing option to freshen up your clothes or to remove pet hair from your clothes. Cool tumbling for any length of time can be used also for delicate garments. More
All-Around Cooling - All-Around Cooling moves cool air around the fridge to maintain a constant temperature to ensure even chilling - so your produce will stay fresh for longer. More
Allergy + - The programme reaches high temperatures. Particularly suitable to aid strict hygiene requirements. More
Alternating spray arm technology - To conserve water, both the top and bottom spray arm are supplied with water alternately to the middle arm (rather than having all three spray water at the same time). More
Alternating spray arms - Both the top and bottom spray arms are alternately supplied with water. This helps to conserve water since both spray water arms are not producing water at the same time. More
Ambient Mode+ - Turn your TV screen into a decorative feature, displaying useful information, your own photos or blend the TV into its surroundings. Just take a picture, upload it to your TV and blend it into your décor. It automatically adjusts to the light in your room, so that you can easily make the big blank screen a thing of the past. More
Ambient temperature - The Ambient temperature represents the range of room temperatures in which the appliance is recommended to operate. More
AmbientFragrance - Using a Miele fragrance flacon, the unit can emit a burst of fragrance into the room (regardless of whether the cooker hood is operating). This can be a one-off fragrance burst or you can specify times at which the bursts are to be emitted. This is controlled using the Miele@mobile App More
Angled Hood - An Angled Hood offers a stylish modern way to make a design statement whilst also efficiently cleaning the air in your kitchen. Due to their design they often tend to not protrude so much from your cooking wall, when compared to a traditional hood - meaning you are much less likely to bang your head against it whilst cooking! More
Anti Block - Anti Block is a self cleaning drain pump and helps prevent blockages from occurring. More
Anti-Allergy Programme - Anti-Allergy programme is great for allergy or asthma sufferers. It helps reduce the amount of allergens in your laundry including cat, dog and pollen allergens, as well as bacteria and fungi. More
Anti-crease action - If you cannot remove your clothes immediately after the programme ends, the anti-crease action helps ensure that the laundry is loosened at regular intervals and does not crease. More
Anti-crease option - The Anti-crease function prevents the laundry from getting creases whilst in the drum. The laundry can be removed during the anticrease phase. More
Anti-crease phase extension - To help prevent creases caused by laundry held in the drum at the end of the programme, you have the option to help keep the fabric’s condition protected, by regular turning of the clothes inside the drum for a set period. More
Anti-Fingerprint - The surface is finished with a special coating to prevent annoying fingerprints appearing. More
Anti-flood Device - The anti-flood device detects the level of water in your dishwasher. If it deems it too high, it acts as a safety trigger to stop the flow of water coming into the dishwasher. More
Anti-Overflow - In the event of an accidental spillage, the hob has a safety feature called Anti-overflow that will automatically cut the power if liquid boils over onto the control panel. More
Anti-Overheat - The Anti-Overheat safety system prevents the hob from malfunctioning. More
Anti-reflection - Don’t let the sun or bright lights come in the way of your relaxation time with anti-reflection screen coating. More
Anti-stick Inner Walls - Inside the oven a smooth, highly resistant enamel cavity can be found. It is exceptionally shiny and durable, as well as having easy to clean properties. More
Anti-tip Rack - The grill rack can be used to support all dishes and moulds containing food for cooking or browning. It can be used for grilling (placed directly on top). The anti-tip stop is positioned towards the back of the oven More
Antibacterial Gasket - The gasket is the seal around the inner edge of the appliance that secures it to the door. This seal has received antibacterial treatment for better hygiene. More
Antibacterial Odour Filter - An antibacterial odour filter purifies the air to help prevent bacteria proliferation and removes strong smelling odours from foods. More
AntiStain Plus - The AntiStain Plus system easily removes the up to 16 of the most stubborn stains, ranging from chocolate, to grass and red wine. The washing machine automatically adjusts the temperature, drum movement and soaking time according to the stain, before your chosen programme starts More
Antivibration Design - The design of the sidewalls provides more stability and reduces vibration. The enhanced insulation also regulates noise levels, making it quiet even during the spin cycle. More
Apple HomeKit - Allow users to communicate with and control connected accessories in their home using your app. With the HomeKit framework, you can provide a way to configure accessories and create actions to control them. Users can even group actions together and trigger them using Siri. More
Apple TV - Apple TV allows you to mirror your iPhone, iPad or Mac screen directly to your TV, so you can use your devices on the big screen. More
Appliance Care Programme - The Appliance Care Programme protects and prolongs the life of the appliance. More
Appliance cooling system and touch-cool fronts - Miele ovens are cooled on all sides. This ensures that controls, handles and adjacent cabinets stay relatively cool to the touch. The multi-layer panels insulate the oven door effectively and ensure a lower temperature on the outside of the door, thereby providing greater safety and protection against burns. More
Aqua Control  - Aqua Control monitors the water level to detect any water leakage. More
Aqua Plus - The Aqua Plus setting provides and additional rinse cycle. It is ideal for people with particularly sensitive skin or areas with very soft water. More
AquaFall - The unique AquaFall system gets your laundry wet more effectively and ensures optimal utilisation of detergent, so clothes get cleaner even quicker! More
AquaMix - The AquaMix glass protection system regulates the degree of hardness of water to avoid glass corrosion, this ensures that your valuable glasses and china are unspoiled. More
AquaSafe - AquaSafe is a water protection system to prevent flooding. If the sensor detects a leak in the base of the dishwasher, it shuts down the operation and automatically pumps out water, so no water makes contact with the floor. A safety valve also prevents any more water from entering the dishwasher - even if it is off. Should the system fail there are manufacturer guarantees in place. More
AquaSensor - The AquaSensor regulates the dishwasher’s water usage according to the type and degree of soiling found in the rinse water. It does this by using light beams to analyse the rinse. If the water is found to have any food particles, grease or detergent residues in it, the rinsing process will repeat with fresh water. Once the sensor determines the water is clean, the process will end without wasting water. More
AquaStop Anti Flood Guarantee - Aquastop is a water protection system to prevent flooding. If the sensor detects a leak in the base of the unit, it shuts down the operation and automatically pumps out water, so no water makes contact with the floor. A safety valve also prevents any more water from entering the the interior- even if it is off. Should the system fail there are manufacturer guarantees in place. More
AquaTech - With AquaTech, water is mixed with detergent that cascades in from the top of the drum. The powerful action of the water flow replaces traditional vigorous drum movements to result in a quicker, kinder wash for your clothes. This helps to deliver a wash that is up to 50% faster and gentler. More
AquaTest - Aquatest is an electronic infrared sensor that measures the clarity of the water during an Auto programme. When in use, it ensures minimum water and energy consumption are used. More
Aquatronic Wash System - Saves water and electricity, reducing the machines operating costs. More
Aquavision - The water collected during the drying process is actually stored in a container built into the door - so you can easily see when it's full and needs to be emptied. More
AquAvoid - aquAvoid protects against water leaks that may occur at the hose inlet. More
AromaticSystem - The brew chamber of Miele coffee machines expands when water flows in. As the ground coffee is mixed very thoroughly with the water, the coffee aroma can unfold even better. The result? Wonderfully aromatic coffee. More
ArtLine - The ArtLine design series is the latest generation of built-in appliances that precisely follows Miele's principle of timeless design. The puristic elegance of the completely handleless front is a high-class statement for interior architecture. The handleless appliances are available in Graphite grey, Obsidian black and Brilliant white. More
ASKO Dose Assist - With the ASKO Dose Assist function, the washing machine will recommend the optimum amount of detergent to add according to the selected settings. Recommended amount of detergent depends on water hardness, selected washing programme, the amount of laundry and how soiled the load is (based upon your setting). More
Asko Steam Function - The Asko steam function is a highly effective and gentle way to provide extra care for your shirts, jackets and trousers by helping to remove creases. In addition, the steam function can also be used to refresh clothes that do not need washing. You can steam both natural fibres, such as cotton and linen as well as synthetics. More
Asynchronous Motor - ASKO professional washers are fitted with robust induction motors without carbon brushes that can cope with the highest spin speeds, reduces noise levels and also helps increases the life of the machine. More
Auto 45-65c - The auto programme regulates the length of a cycle depending on the need for a pre-wash and the number of rinses required. More
Auto Cooking Function - The auto cooking function allows you to effortlessly cook different pre-set liquids, meats and vegetables. You just need to enter the weight. More
Auto Cooldown Phase - The inside of the machine can get extremely hot whilst a programme is running which could potentially cause a hazard. The auto cool down phase prevents this from happening if you leave the programme to reach its conclusion. More
Auto CupSensor - The Auro CupSensor recognises the rim of the cup and positions the central spout accordingly for you. More
Auto Defrost Function - By entering the weight of the item to be defrosted, the automatic programme will be adjusted accordingly More
Auto Dose - Auto Dose take all the guess work out of using the right amount of detergent needed for your load. No more using too much and wasting liquid, or under filling and ending up with stained clothes. With Auto Dose everything is done for you. More
Auto Dosing System - Washing machines with the Auto Dosing system uses the right amount of detergent based upon the wash load, dirtiness level, water hardness, program type and temperature. This means you always have the perfect dosage for your wash load and no more overdosing (or even underdosing). More
Auto heat-up - The auto heat-up function reduces the initial power boost to prevent burning. More
Auto Programme Option - The intelligent Auto programme makes life easy by automatically working out the right temperature, programme duration and amount of water based upon how soiled your load is. The result is perfect washing results every time - with a reduction in water and energy consumption too. More
Auto Roast - Meat is seared using a high temperature, then cooked at a lower roasting temperature producing tender cooked meat. More
Auto Sense - The Auto Sense program automatically adjusts the wash cycle to the type of load. The appliance senses the degree of soil and the number of dishes in the baskets. It adjusts the temperature and quantity of water as well as the wash duration. More
Auto Stop System - The Auto Stop System is a safety feature to turn the oven off if left on. 'AS' will displayed in the control panel when activated. More
Auto Synthetic - By using the Auto Synthetic program with its lower temperature and shorter tumbling time, your blouses and shirts will be suitably cared for. More
Auto Tablet Feature - Auto Tablet is a feature for combined tablet detergents and will automatically adjust the dishwasher performance. More
Auto Temperature Settings - All the cooking zones are equipped with an automatic cooking device. The cooking zone starts at full power for a set period of time, then automatically reduces the power level.
Auto terry - Ideal for towels and bathrobes More
Auto Vent - The Smeg Auto Vent system connects a compatible Smeg hood and Smeg hob together via infra red. Once connected, the hood's extraction speed will be automatically regulated, based upon the temperature and power level selected on the hob More
Auto-Stop safety function - Should you forget to switch a pan off, the hob has an “Auto-Stop” safety
function that automatically powers off the forgotten cooking zone after a pre-set time. This can be set to between 1 and 10 hours, with an "AS" displayed on the control panel along with a beep sounding.
Auto-Vent 2.0 - With A Smeg compatible hob also featuring Auto-Vent 2.0, the two can be paired, so the fan speed of the hood automatically adjusts according to the temperature and power selected on the hob. The hood will continue to automatically regulate the fan speed as required depending on the environment. More
AutoAdjust - The AutoAdjust feature automatically adjusts the cycle time and water used according to the size of your load. So you can enjoy reduced energy and water consumption, with great wash results. More
Autoclose - The Miele AutoClose function closes the dishwasher door automatically and very gently. Not only is this convenient, it is also elegant - an almost magical moment in your daily chores. A slight contact between the door and the appliance is all it takes to activate the motorised door closing feature. More
AutoDos With Integrated PowerDisk - Miele’s AutoDos is the world’s first automatic detergent dispensing system. It features an integrated PowerDisk which dispenses just the right amount of detergent needed for the programme selected. Each PowerDisk lasts an average of 20 wash cycles. More
AutoDry Technology - Autodry uses sensors to ensure you load is perfectly dried and prevents overheating or uneven drying. The sensors precisely measure and control the temperature and moisture of your laundry thereby drying it accordingly. More
autoload plus - The autoLoad Plus feature weighs the wash load in order to control the appropriate dosage and water to be used. This helps to give you a perfect and efficient wash. More
Automatic After-Run - The cooktop extractor continues to run at a low level and switches off automatically after a defined time. More
Automatic Air Sensor - The automatic air sensor automatically adjusts the extraction rate as deemed appropriate to the air quality in your kitchen. More
Automatic Anti-creasing Function - The Automatic Anti-creasing Function is ideal for days where you can't unload your laundry straight away. The automatic anti-creasing function periodically tumbles your laundry after the programmes ends, to help prevent creases and to make ironing a little easier. This function can be programmed to last for up to 2 hours. More
Automatic boiling point detection - The boiling point of water depends on the air pressure, which can vary according to the location. The oven calibrates itself to the appropriate pressure ratio where installed. This will happen automatically the first time steam-assisted cooking is used. More
Automatic Cover Flap - The cover flap opens and closes automatically when the extractor is used. The integrated sensor technology reliably prevents items from getting trapped during closure. More
Automatic Defrosting - With Automatic defrosting you will not have the inconvenience seeing a build up of ice forming and the need to manually defrost the appliance. More
Automatic detergent detection - Whether you want to use tablet, gel, powder or liquid detergent, your dishwasher will automatically recognise this, adjust the cycle accordingly and ensure you always get the best possible results. More
Automatic Dispensing with PowerDisk - Miele’s AutoDos is the world’s first automatic dispensing system with integrated PowerDisk, enabling the dishwasher to dispense the exact amount of Miele’s dishwasher powder, at the right time, according to the wash programme. One PowerDisk will last 20 cycles on average. More
Automatic Extractor Control - The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself according to current cooking conditions. This means there is no need for constant manual power adjustments, allowing you to concentrate fully on your cooking. More
Automatic Extractor Control - In conjunction with a Bora extractor, the power level can automatically adjust itself depending on the current cooktop settings. No manual adjustment of the fan controls is necessary but it is possible. The extractor power is automatically adjusted to the highest power level used on all cooking zones that are currently in use.
Automatic gas Ignition - The hob design gives you total easy control of the ignition thanks to a single-handed 'push and turn' operation. More
Automatic Heat Up Function - By adjusting the automatic pre-cook valve to your desired setting, the cooking zone will heat up automatically at the highest level (heating impulse) before switching back to a pre-set set power level, which will be maintained. More
Automatic hob heat up - The 'Automatic Heat Up' function allows the hob to reach the set power faster. This function makes it possible to cook food faster, but without the risk of burning, because the temperature does not exceed the set level. This function is available for the power levels 1 -8. More
Automatic Hood Safety switch-off - The cooker hood will switch itself off automatically after 10 operating hours - even in case of operating errors.
Automatic Intensive Revert - Hoods with a boost or intensive setting can revert to a lower setting after a defined period of time. As the booster period would normally be sufficient to have cleaned the majority of the room, a normal and quieter setting would then be sufficient. More
Automatic load adjustment - The automatic load sensing function optimally adjusts the water consumption to each programme depending on the type of fabric and the load. This means that whether you want to wash a full or small load water consumption is ideally optimised. More
Automatic load detection - The Automatic load detection automatically adjusts the amount of water needed for every wash according to the laundry loaded in the drum. More
Automatic load recognition - Automatic load recognition analyses the current load in the wash cabinet using built in sensors and uses only the amount of water and electricity needed for excellent cleaning and rinsing results. More
Automatic Pan Move - The automatic pan move function allows you to move the pan to any place within the cooking area zone, whilst retaining the related settings. You can only move one pan at a time. More
Automatic Pan Recognition - The cooking area will only heat up in the areas where it senses there is contact between the saucepan and hob. This ensures maximum energy efficiency, since only the areas that needed are heated. It also adds an extra degree of safety with minimal heat surrounding the pan. More
Automatic plus - For mixed loads: cottons and polycottons can be conveniently processed together. More
Automatic power switch off - It will automatically switch off once the programme has finished. This can be amended to occur after 15,30 or 60 minutes - or never. By default it is set to 15 minutes. More
Automatic programmes - With automatic programmes you can cook pre-defined dishes to perfection. The temperature and cooking duration are all taken care of for you. More
Automatic rinsing function - The cleaning programmes in combination with the rinsing function ensure the best possible hygiene. More
Automatic rinsing of milk pipework - After making coffee with milk, all components that carry milk are rinsed automatically with water from the water container. This makes hygiene very easy. More
Automatic Safety Shut Off - If the appliance is not used for a period of time it will automatically be powered off. More
Automatic safety switch off - The automatic safety switch off facility will automatically start if no changes to the settings have been made in a long time. More
Automatic safety system - You can lock the appliance with the touch of a finger to protected it from being switched on by mistake, for instance by children. A Miele oven will also automatically switch off if the maximum operating time is exceeded. Peace of mind should you forget to switch the appliance off. More
Automatic Super Cooling - Super Cooling briefly reduces the temperature to +2 °C so you can enjoy chilled beverages in no time. You can also be confident about extra quick cooling of larger extra portions without warming up other goods in the fridge. Super Cooling returns automatically to the regular settings. More
Automatic SuperCool - The Supercool function rapidly reduces the temperature in the refrigerator section to its lowest setting (depending on the room temperature). Supercool is particularly recommended for the rapid chilling of large amounts of fresh food or drink. Once activated it will automatically switch off after 12 hours. More
Automatic Weight Adjusting - The dishwasher's clever hinge mechanism automatically adjusts the appliance door to the weight of your cupboard door. This means the dishwasher door can be left open in any position making it perfect for effortlessly loading or unloading your dishes. More
Automatic weight option - Simply choose the programme you desire, enter the weight to be cooked and the microwave oven will do the rest. More
Automax function - When the Automax function is selected the zone automatically operates on the highest setting in the beginning and then reduces down to a pre-set level after boiling. More
Autonomy Hour - In the event of a power failure this is how long your contents will remain intact More
AutoOpen Drying - At the end of the programme the door of the dishwasher opens automatically and leaves a small gap. This allows fresh air to reach the crockery and aid drying. Even washed items like plastic dishes that are normally hard to dry in a dishwasher, will be completely dry. More
AutoPilot - AutoPilot is an automatic cooking setting to help you cook perfect dishes. More
AutoSense 45c-70c - The dishwasher cleverly senses the degree of soil and the quantity of items in the baskets. It automatically adjusts the temperature and quantity of water needed as well as the wash duration. More
AutoSensor - The Miele Autosensor uses automatic load recognition to detect how soiled the load is. It then automatically adjusts the cycle to deliver perfect results, whilst maintaining energy and water efficiency. More
AutoStain Removal System - The AutoStain Removal System can actioned alongside the standard programme to target the most common stains, from grass to red wine. It automatically adjusts the water temperature, soak time and drum movements to easily remove even those marks you thought you'd never get out. More
AutoStart Function - With the Miele AutoStart function, your dishwasher can be programmed via the app to start automatically at pre-set times. Thanks to AutoDos and PowerDisk there is always sufficient detergent available so that the appliance can get to work autonomously. There is no longer any need to start the appliance manually or via the app. And having unclean dishes after forgetting to put the dishwasher on will become a thing of the past! More
AUTOWash 45 - The AutoWash feature in the dishwashing cycle uses a special sensor to detect how much cleaning is needed. It does this by analysing how dirty the water is and repeats the cleaning process until the water is found to be clean. More
Axial Airflow - The Axial airflow helps delivery perfect frying results by improving the air flow through the drum. More