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AEG FSE21200P Built In Compact Dishwasher - Fully Integrated
RDO Best Buy
2 Year Warranty
Place Settings6
Noise Level50 dB
Energy per annum174 kWh
Water per annum1820 litres
DimensionsW: 550 mm x H: 438 mm x D: 500 mm
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Compact Dishwashers

Compact dishwashers are designed to sit on your worktop which makes them perfect for studio flats, small kitchens and generally anywhere where space is limited.
You will get on average 6 place settings with a compact dishwasher, which prove that their size doesn't always limit their capabilities. Our compact dishwashers also come in a range of colours and styles making them perfectly fit in with your kitchen or worktops arrangements.
They are available as both a freestanding compact dishwasher and also as a built in compact dishwasher.
Call in and have chat with one of our in-house experts if you need any help deciding which compact dishwasher is best for you. You can also see our extensive range of other kitchen appliances should be considering something else as well.