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Whether you love to cook or are just a casual food preparer, we have a range of cooking appliances to help you to produce that tasty delight.
This includes everything from built in ovens, slot in and range cookers, hobs, microwaves and warming drawers.  Our selection of cooking appliances have features to aid you through the cooking process, whatever your level of cooking expertise is.
The best example of this in the latest range of single ovens where the oven defaults to the recommended temperature setting according to the programme you select. In addition if you select an oven with a meat probe included, it will even ensure the meats are cooked exactly as you like them. No more over or under cooked food!
With a Wi-Fi enabled oven you can pick a recipe to cook using your mobile device and if appropriate for the recipe, your oven will then be pre-heated for you. If you do this whilst you are away from home, your food will be ready for you to start cooking as soon as you walk in the door!
For those that like a range cooker to be the centre-piece of their kitchen, we have one of the largest selections of range cookers on show anywhere in the South-East, at our showrooms in Reigate and Salfords. So we are seriously knowledgeable about them!
Hobs have improved greatly from the days of electric plated hobs.  First there were ceramic hobs and then technology progressed to induction hob cooking.  Induction cooking meant less hassle, fast and responsive controls without the cleaning hassles associated with the versatile gas hob.
For those looking to add a little extra to their cooking flexibility we have a varied selection of domino hobs giving you the option to add a choice of a bbq, gas burner, induction hob, fat fryer or even a steamer to your kitchen arrangement.
When it comes to convenience and fast cooking many people can’t live without their microwave. Thought you couldn’t cook food any quicker? Well we have recently seen the popularity of combination microwaves rise and rise, using both fan and microwave cooking together for faster and even better tasting results.
To round off your set of cooking wonders the use of a warming drawer has proved to many, to be a surprisingly welcome addition. No longer are they just used to warm crockery, now they are flexible enough to produce lovely slow cooked foods.
Whatever cooking appliance you are looking for we can help you to deliver all those cooking wonders to your kitchen table.