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A Britannia Range Cooker Induction RC-10TI-DE-S - Stainless Steel
Britannia RC-10TI-DE-S Range Cooker Induction - Stainless Steel
Combining classic style with contemporary cooking technology, this stainless-steel induction range cooker will be a joy to use.
2 Year Warranty
Hob Zones5
DimensionsW: 995mm x H: 920mm x D: 600mm
FREE Delivery
More Info
A Britannia Range Cooker Induction RC-9TI-QL-S - Stainless Steel
Britannia RC-9TI-QL-S Range Cooker Induction - Stainless Steel
Experience the speed and precision of induction cooking, with this 90cm wide stainless-steel induction range cooker.
2 Year Warranty
Hob Zones5
DimensionsW: 895mm x H: 910mm x D: 600mm
FREE Delivery
More Info
A Britannia Range Cooker Induction RC-10TI-QL-S - Stainless Steel
Britannia RC-10TI-QL-S Range Cooker Induction - Stainless Steel
This stainless-steel range cooker features five induction zones, which are as fast and responsive as gas while being safer and more efficient, ideal for families.
2 Year Warranty
Hob Zones5
DimensionsW: 995mm x H: 910mm x D: 600mm
FREE Delivery
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Induction Range cookers

An induction range cooker will have an electric oven coupled with an induction hob. If you are not familiar with cooking on an induction hob there are a couple of things to consider with induction based cooking.
The first is to check whether your existing cooking pans can be used on an induction hob. This is because induction cooking works via the transference of heat through electromagnetic induction, so the pans need to be ferrous based.
A simple way to test this is to place a magnet under your pans. If the magnet sticks then the pan will be fine to cook with, if it doesn’t you will have the added expense of buying a new set of pans.
You will also need to ensure you have the appropriate electricity supply in your kitchen to meet the needs of the induction range cooker you are considering.
If you need to consider an alternative, then you may wish to look at a ceramic range cooker, a dual fuel range cooker or a gas range cooker instead.
In case you have not seen induction cooking in action, an induction hob gives you all the benefits of cooking with gas, such as instant heat and precise power control, but without the hassle of rigorous cleaning.
In addition, from a safety perspective it offers the advantage of there being little residual heat remaining on the hob, once you have finished cooking and removed the pan - ideal should you have ‘small hands’ that may be nearby!
Induction range cookers are available in different sized widths, the most popular being 90cm, 100cm and 110cm.
Some of the things to look for to aid your decision making include checking both the capacity of the ovens and also ensuring the oven features the cooking programmes you need for your day to day cooking.
Also cleaning aids such as catalytic liners on the oven or pyrolytic self cleaning ovens will make the tiresome task of cleaning the oven easier for you.

At RDO we have a fantastic select of induction range cookers from quality suppliers such as Rangemaster, Mercury, Stoves, Aga Masterchef, Lacanche, Falcon, Ilve, Britannia, Steel and Smeg
Our showroom in Reigate has one of the largest selections of induction range cookers on display anywhere in the South-East. We also have some ex-display range cookers on show at our showroom in Salfords. Our showrooms are within easy reach of East or West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and the M25.
Why not pop in and have chat with one of our in-house experts and they can help you to decide which induction range cooker is best for you.
You can view all induction range cookers in stock or if you have a question get in touch here