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Fisher & Paykel OM60NDB1 Built In Combi Microwave - Stainless Steel / Black
Designed with a compact 60cm width, this Fisher & Paykel combination microwave oven can be placed almost anywhere.
5 Year Warranty
Max Power900 W
DimensionsW: 596 mm x H: 458 mm x D: 533 mm
FREE Delivery
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Fisher & Paykel OM60NDBB1 Built In Microwave & Grill - Black Glass / Black Steel Trim
This sleek and stylish built-in combination microwave oven is compact yet powerful, with a range of cooking modes including grilling, fan grilling, convection cooking, combined convection and grilling, and defrosting by weight or time.
5 Year Warranty
Max Power900 W
DimensionsW: 596 mm x H: 458 mm x D: 562 mm
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Microwave cooking has now become such a part of modern life it now yields an industry of convenience foods worth £11.5b per year to the UK economy.
A microwave though can be used to do so much more than just heating up a pre-prepared meal. Nowadays you can use a microwave to defrost frozen foods, cook an entire roast dinner, or cook a nice crispy jacket potato (for microwaves with grill functionality).
Microwaves have two form factors, they are designed to be used as either a freestanding microwave or as a built in microwave. Each will have the option to have additional cooking functionality such as grilling or even steam cooking (found on some built in combination ovens).
When cooking with a combination microwave, you can utilise the two cooking methods to benefit from greatly reduced cooking times.
There are typically two methods used to cook foods inside a microwave. The first is with a turntable, which works by bouncing microwaves from left to right, causing the food inside to heat up and cook. This method though can result in food that is thicker on one side to cook unevenly.
The other method of cooking is with a flatbed microwave (also known as an inverter). This works similar to the turntable method, but bounces microwaves up and down as well to give a more even cooking performance.
Microwaves will come with different power ratings measured in watts, the higher the number the more powerful the appliance and quicker cooking times. You may wish to check that the oven capacity is sufficient for your needs, as the size of microwaves can vary.
Some microwaves will offer features to aid their use. These include things such as an adjustable power rating, sensor based cooking (which works by measuring the moisture in the food being cooked), auto weight cooking (you will need to enter the weight and the food type being cooked) and a turbo boost (for fast reheating of drinks or soups).

At RDO we have an extensive range of microwaves from leading manufacturers including Neff, Miele, Bosch, Siemens, Sharp, Samsung, AEG, Smeg and Wolf.
Many of these can be seen at our main showroom in Reigate, while our showroom at Salfords has a selection of mainly ex-display items on show (when available). You can check the current models on display by using the filters on our website or you can call us. Both locations are within easy reach of East or West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and the M25.
If you need help deciding which is the best microwave for you, pop in and one of our RDO experts can assist you. Or if you have a question you can get in touch here.
You can see the selection of all our microwaves in stock. We also have a buyer’s guide with further information that you can see here.