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Freestanding Microwaves

A freestanding microwave gives you the freedom to position it anywhere inside your kitchen thanks to it being reasonably small and portable.
You have a choice of a standard freestanding microwave oven, a freestanding microwave oven and grill or a freestanding combi microwave.
Whether you choose the standard microwave or one of the microwaves with additional features, they will all enable you to perform the essential needs of a microwave; to defrost, cook and reheat.
By adding grill functionality, a microwave will be able to brown foods making it great for jacket potatos, shepherds pies, or pizza.
With a combination microwave you will benefit from having the full range of options, with standard microwave cooking, grilling and also convection cooking at your finger tips. They will also be more expensive!

At RDO we have a selection of quality freestanding microwaves to offer you from leading companies including Sharp, Bosch, Miele and Samsung.
At our main RDO showroom in Reigate and we have a selection of freestanding microwaves from different manufactures on display. It is within easy reach of East or West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and the M25.
Why not pop in and have chat with one of our in-house experts and they can help you to decide which freestanding microwave is the best one for you.
You can view all freestanding microwaves in stock or if you have a question get in touch here