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A+ Hoover Built In Condenser Tumble Dryer Heat Pump BHTDH7A1TCE - Fully Integrated
Hoover BHTDH7A1TCE Built In Condenser Tumble Dryer Heat Pump - Fully Integrated
Enjoy effective, energy-efficient drying with this Hoover BHTDH7A1TCE heat pump tumble dryer, featuring a generous 7kg capacity and sensor drying technology.
2 In Stock
1 Year Warranty
Dry Load Capacity7 kg
Noise Level67 dB
Energy per annum269 kWh
DimensionsW: 596 mm x H: 850 mm x D: 465 mm
FREE Delivery
Was £579.00 | Save £80.00
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Built In Tumble Dryers

Built-in tumble dryers are designed to be built into your existing cabinetry and offer a practical solution to your laundry needs.

The most energy-efficient models are heat pump tumble dryers, which can really save you money on your utility bills. Heat pump tumble dryers work by separating water from the warm air that passes over the wet clothes and putting it in a water tank. The remaining dry warm air is then pumped back through the drum, re-using it to help the clothes dry faster. Heat pump models work slower than conventional tumble dryers, but the energy-savings are well worth the wait!

To find a model that suits your needs, pop into our Reigate showroom to speak to one of our appliance experts, or simply give us a call and we'd be delighted to help!