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A+ AEG Vacuum Drawer KDE911423M - Stainless Steel
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Vacuum Drawers

With a vacuum drawer you can extend the life of food, control portion sizes and marinate food for extra flavour.
They are perfect for sous-vide cooking in which foods are placed in a vacuum sealed pouch and cooked in either a water reservoir, or a more commonly in a steam oven. In fact the French translation of sous-vide is ‘cooking under vacuum’.
The process works by sucking all the air out of a plastic pouch containing your ingredients and then sealing it so it is air-tight, until ready to be used at a later date. This is a perfect process for marinating meats or fish for deep intense flavours.
It can also be perfect for keeping batches of sauces for later use, extending the life of herbs, cheeses or vegetables, or as an ideal method of forward planning portion control.
Sous-vide cooked food also benefits from remaining moist and very tender to eat. Thanks to the slow cook process it is also impossible to over-cook food.
We have quality vacuum drawers available from leading suppliers including Miele, AEG and Neff.
If you need help choosing the right vacuum drawer pop in and have chat with one of our in-house experts at our main showroom in Reigate, which is within easy reach of East or West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and the M25.
If you have a question about vacuum drawers you can get in touch here