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C NEFF Canopy Hood D5855X1GB - Metallic
NEFF D5855X1GB Canopy Hood - Metallic
Over 5 In Stock
RDO Best Buy
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate379 m3/h
Noise Level56 dB
Energy per annum79.5 kWh
DimensionsW: 730 mm x H: 255 mm x D: 380 mm
FREE Delivery
Was £275.00 | Save £23.00
More Info
A++ Miele Hood & Cooktop KMDA7634FL - Black
Miele KMDA7634FL Hood & Cooktop - Black
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate490 m3/h
Noise Level54 dB
Energy per annum24 kWh
DimensionsW: 806 mm x D: 526 mm
FREE Delivery
More Info
A+ Elica Hood & Cooktop NT-ONE-DO - Black
Elica NT-ONE-DO Hood & Cooktop - Black
2 In Stock
5 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate400 m3/h
Noise Level59 dB
Energy per annum43 kWh
DimensionsW: 830 mm x H: 210 mm x D: 515 mm
FREE Delivery
Special Offer!
Was £1,919.00 | Save £40.00
More Info
A NEFF Chimney Hood D95IHM1S0B - Stainless Steel / Black Glass
NEFF D95IHM1S0B Chimney Hood - Stainless Steel / Black Glass
1 In Stock
RDO Best Buy
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate416 m3/h
Noise Level58 dB
Energy per annum52.8 kWh
DimensionsW: 890 mm x H: 452 mm x D: 499 mm
FREE Delivery
More Info
A NEFF Chimney Hood D94BHM1N0B - Stainless Steel
NEFF D94BHM1N0B Built In ChImney Hood - Stainless Steel
1 In Stock
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate372 m3/h
Noise Level60 dB
Energy per annum43.9 kWh
DimensionsW: 900 mm x H: 965 mm x D: 500 mm
FREE Delivery
More Info
A Sirius Canopy Hood SI-STE-780-BISS - Stainless Steel
Sirius SI-STE-780-BISS Canopy Hood - Stainless Steel
3 In Stock
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate565 m3/h
Noise Level59 dB
DimensionsW: 780 mm x H: 310 mm x D: 260 mm
FREE Delivery
More Info
A Elica Chimney Hood THIN-70 - Stainless Steel
Elica THIN-70 Chimney Hood - Stainless Steel
2 In Stock
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate410 m3/h
Noise Level54 dB
Energy per annum47 kWh
DimensionsW: 698 mm x H: 668 mm x D: 420 mm
FREE Delivery
More Info
A AEG Chimney Hood DVE5671HG - Black Glass / Stainless Steel
AEG DVE5671HG Chimney Hood - Black Glass / Stainless Steel
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate400 m3/h
Noise Level54 dB
Energy per annum51 kWh
DimensionsW: 598 mm x H: 915 mm x D: 418 mm
FREE Delivery
More Info
A+ Miele Canopy Hood DA2698-SS - Stainless Steel
Miele DA2698-SS Canopy Hood - Stainless Steel
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate400 m3/h
Noise Level51 dB
Energy per annum29 kWh
DimensionsW: 880 mm x H: 305 mm x D: 293 mm
FREE Delivery
More Info
A NEFF Telescopic Hood D49ED22N0B - Metallic
NEFF D49ED22N0B Telescopic Hood - Metallic
1 In Stock
2 Year Warranty
Extraction Rate270 m3/h
Noise Level60 dB
Energy per annum20 kWh
DimensionsW: 898 mm x H: 248 mm x D: 290 mm
FREE Delivery
More Info
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Some people pay little attention to the benefits of choosing a quality hood for their kitchen. A good kitchen cooker hood will clean the air making it smoke and odour free, without making too much noise whilst doing so.
When searching for the best kitchen hood for your needs, it is usually a process of weighing up a balance between the stated noise level of the hood (measured in decibels or db), it’s power rating for the appropriate type of hood you need and of course your budget.
To give you an indication of noise levels, human speech is normally around 60db. An increase of only 3db can mean a significant increase in the volume of sound emitted, so it pays to do your research carefully.
The power rating for a hood is measured in cubic metres per hour (m3h), which in simple terms is the amount of air the hood is able to extract at maximum speed in an hour. The larger the number the quicker your air will be cleaned.
Most kitchen hoods will give you the option of being able to extract the air to an externally source outside your building or to re-circulate it back into your kitchen once it has been cleaned. If ducting out externally make sure to use the recommended ducting width, typically 150mm and pick rigid ducting rather than flexible. Opting for the wrong choice can greatly impede the performance of your hood.
The type of hood you will need depends on where it will be positioned in your kitchen, whether wall mounted, integrated into a cabinet or used above an island. Because of the large number of kitchen hoods available we have sectioned them into several categories for you.
Both conventional hoods, wall mounted hoods, telescopic hoods and chimney hoods are wall mounted options. While an Island cooker hood, Ceiling mounted hoods and ceiling integrated hoods are ideal for an island arrangement. For an integrated set up a canopy hood or integrated hood will be ideal. Finally, for a stylish choice a downdraft extractor is the perfect accompaniment to a hob.
Many manufacturers are now using technology enabling a hob and hood to work in tandem, meaning the hood will turn on when the hob starts working and will automatically adjust the power needed according to the hob’s use.
Other recent hood innovations include background colour mood lighting and a shelf to rest your cook book on, so it is at eye level as you read the recipe!
Many hoods will have down lighting to help illuminate your food making it easier to cook in a dimly lit area of your kitchen.
A good little tip with any hood is to turn it on around 10 minutes before you intend to start cooking. That way the air in your kitchen will be cleaner to start with, meaning the hood won’t have to work so hard when you are cooking and will therefore be quieter.
It also pays to regularly clean the grease filters for peak performance. Some manufacturers will allow them to be place in the dishwasher to keep it nice and easy! Carbon filters for re-circulating should also be replaced roughly every 6 months, depending on how often you use the hood.