Peressini Casa

Peressini Casa, the renowned Italian chair company, epitomises the perfect union of customisable design and exceptional quality.

Their chairs, meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail, reflect the rich artistic tradition and timeless elegance for which Italy is celebrated.

Seating My Way

The great feeling of living your house in total comfort thanks to a universe of chairs, armchairs and adjustable stools for every taste and need. The complete collection seating “MY WAY” is available in:

- 16 seats and 15 types of frames for chairs

- 17 seats and 6 types of frames for stools

- 5 wood finishes and 5 metal finishes

- 3 fabrics, 1 leatherette and 1 leather options

Over 350 seat/frame combinations. Over 100.000 possibilities to personalise your chair and stool!